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Progress again!

September 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Curved Glass!

The curved glass is in! Hurrah! Unfortunately it was really hard to photograph because it’s glass and it’s new, so it looks like….well nothing really. Hopefully it will soon get really dirty and then I will be able to take a better picture of it!


What almost $4000 of curved glass looks like. No, it is not double-pane (doubled-glazed) as that is even more difficult and expensive to do curved!

Conservatory GlassĀ 

The conservatory glass is in. This small room sits off our master bedroom. The glass is butt-glazed meaning that there are no mullions between the panes. Instead there is some structural clear silicon sealant every 4ft or so. Not even a mullion at the corners!


I did tell the old builder that we needed to paint those steel support posts before the glass went in. Guess I forgot to tell the new one….! Still, there is a small two-inch gap between the post and the glass where we might be able to get a small paint brush into.

Curtainwall Glass Trim on

The curtainwall glass (commercial office glass in aluminum frame) trim is on. Well most of it anyway. I never could figure out why they didn’t do that before? I guess that’s a mystery that the old builder will never tell us the answer to!


Although I did notice that one piece seemed to have sustained a nasty dent somehow:


Still, nice to see a bit of progress at last

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