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Honeywell RedLink

January 26, 2012 Leave a comment

I finally finalized the spec of the HVAC system today and placed the order. It only took 11 months and discussions with 5 different suppliers to get a sensible proposal. The final system has six zones, all individually controllable  consisting of three wall-mount units like this:Mr Slim Wall Mount

and three mini ducted units in drop ceilings like this:

connected to a single outdoor compressor like this:

But the really clever bit is that the latest units are Honeywell RedLink enabled. RedLink is a proprietary Honeywell wireless protocol. Every unit communicates wirelessly over RedLink to an internet gateway that plugs into the back of your router like this:

You can control the units from the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort website or from an app on an iPhone or iPad:

and the good thing is that the price is quite reasonable. The gateway is only $100 or so versus the over $1000 commercial solution that was originally proposed. The fact that this system is wireless rather than wired makes installation cost lower too.
All the latest Mitsubshi indoor units are RedLink -enabled which means they talk to the Honeywell gateway. There are also other accessories you can get like an Outdoor air temperature sensor. And I guess the range may be extended later.

RedLink Outdoor air temperature sensor


RedLink is a new system for Mitsubishi which they appear to have licensed from Honeywell. It’s only available in March this year from Mitsubishi so I will be one of the first. Let’s hope it works OK. It seems more consumer-friendly than the previous rather industrial system Mitsubishi had, which was mainly aimed at owners of large commercial buildings.

More info on the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort system