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Updated 3D rendering

April 27, 2011 1 comment
Final 3D rendering

This is it!

Some minor changes were made. I wanted a more organic proportion to the roof eaves. The new approach employs the golden section or golden ratio to give a natural, growing look to the roof overhangs.

Some variation was added in the height of the brickwork to make it more pleasing to the eye and to give the effect of organic natural growth of the planters themselves appearing to sprout up from the land.

And the wood siding was replaced with stucco on the upstairs office room wall as we were still short of the 65% masonry requirement the city demands. Ironically the stucco is between half and a third the price of the wood so it makes the project cheaper. All to keep the neighborhood suitably upmarket……

The architects changed the proportions of the celestory windows on the right which are the master bath windows. They do seem to look better, but I didn’t ask for that.

Pictured in early morning summer light coming from the East.