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Master bath

May 17, 2013 2 comments

The plumber did the master bath today. We had trouble finding a way to get water to the tub due to the window above, but the architects turned a problem into an opportunity with this funky ceiling filler. It isn’t supposed to splash but it does a bit.


The shower is in, it also comes from the ceiling.




The tilers put the backsplash tiles on but they’re not grouted yet.



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I can’t believe they did that TOO!

The A/C compressor is oriented the wrong way. So the back of it faces the hot south Texas sun and draws warm air in to cool the fins and blasts the hot air out towards the house. And the ‘nice’ side with the somewhat acceptably looking access panels faces the house and the ugly back of it faces out! But it maybe saved a few inches of refrigerant pipe so that’s all right then!

I can't believe they did that TOO!


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Many things happening

May 15, 2013 1 comment

Today they installed the quartz counter tops. Below they’re drilling the faucet holes.


One of the two baths is now plumbed in. You can actually have a shower now if you want. But it’ll be cold, because the hot water heater is not plumbed in yet.


The first of the three toilets is in and fully plumbed in. We actually have a working toilet now! Progress!



Induction cooktop. The thing with the funny blue plastic still on it behind the cooktop is a downdraft vent, it pops up when you push a button to suck air away.


Quartz countertops look nice. Note funny blue plastic still on the cabinets.


Yesterday they took the wood forms off the pool and it’s still standing, which is good.


I sent Lana to Home Dept to buy 38 LED ceiling light trims. These are 9.5W LEDs that are supposed to have the light output equivalent of a 65W incandescent bulb. They’re made by CREE. Luckily Home Depot in Bee Cave had 45 in stock, I checked online in advance!


The plumbers started plumbing the bathroom sinks.


This is the good phase. Stuff seems to happen every day.

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Swimming pool


The swimming pool concrete has been poured. I went out and watered it, you spray it twice a day for a week whilst it’s drying to keep it cool.


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Pool Gunite

Pool Gunite

Today they are ‘pouring’ the pool concrete. Well spraying since this is Gunite, which is spray-on concrete.

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Kitchen and A/C going in

We are 2 days through a 3 day installation of the kitchen cabinets. Then comes the counter tops.


photo photo2







The A/C wall units are in. There are three of these, and three concealed mini-ducted units.



The concrete pad for the A/C compressor has been poured.



The A/C compressor was here but was taken away again, it needs to wait for the concrete pad to cure.



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