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Inspections Passed

On Monday we have a 5-way inspection: Electrical, plumbing and mechanical (HVAC) rough-in, framing and stucco. There were 7 failures. These were fixed and on Tuesday it was re-inspected and there was 1 failure. The failure was with the HVAC and was down to the fact that the inspectors have never seen an HVAC system as sophisticated as ours before. They said we need to add float switches and drip trays to each of the zones. Float switches detect back-up in the condensate line and cut out the power the compressor, but these system include integral float switches and are networked to the compressor. Our project manager went to the manager of the inspectors today and had a word with them, and now today we have passed all inspections and are approved to the next stage which is insulation.

The guys are finishing off the standing seam metal roof, it should be finished tomorrow (Sat) and if not Monday, and the framers are putting on the Hardi panel soffit. The Hardi soffit looks really nice and it hasn’t even been painted yet. It will be finished next week and painted the same cream color as the stucco.