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Fridge in, landscaping started

October 26, 2013 Leave a comment

The fridge is in, no thanks to the contractor who made the space too small.


It backs onto the heat pump water heater which scavenges fridge waste heat.


The glass in the master shower is now properly supported, something the Lakeway City inspector didn’t like. I got the CRL hardware myself and Mike my handyman put it on, rather than getting the incompetents who left it like that back in.


Landscaping is in full swing. The City rules say no more than a 2ft drop hence the terracing on the driveway. Culvert under the driveway is nicely hidden by the rock bridge.


Lots of stone and dirt keeps arriving onto the driveway.



They cleared this area of rocks to use elsewhere in the landscape.



Good news, bad news

October 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Good news, the fridge is here. Bad news, it doesn’t fit in the hole it’s supposed to go in! It’s the model in the architect’s plans, so the kitchen wasn’t built correctly. Mike the carpenter will have to remove the drywall on one side to make the slot wider.


Many things happening

May 15, 2013 1 comment

Today they installed the quartz counter tops. Below they’re drilling the faucet holes.


One of the two baths is now plumbed in. You can actually have a shower now if you want. But it’ll be cold, because the hot water heater is not plumbed in yet.


The first of the three toilets is in and fully plumbed in. We actually have a working toilet now! Progress!



Induction cooktop. The thing with the funny blue plastic still on it behind the cooktop is a downdraft vent, it pops up when you push a button to suck air away.


Quartz countertops look nice. Note funny blue plastic still on the cabinets.


Yesterday they took the wood forms off the pool and it’s still standing, which is good.


I sent Lana to Home Dept to buy 38 LED ceiling light trims. These are 9.5W LEDs that are supposed to have the light output equivalent of a 65W incandescent bulb. They’re made by CREE. Luckily Home Depot in Bee Cave had 45 in stock, I checked online in advance!


The plumbers started plumbing the bathroom sinks.


This is the good phase. Stuff seems to happen every day.

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Kitchen and A/C going in

We are 2 days through a 3 day installation of the kitchen cabinets. Then comes the counter tops.


photo photo2







The A/C wall units are in. There are three of these, and three concealed mini-ducted units.



The concrete pad for the A/C compressor has been poured.



The A/C compressor was here but was taken away again, it needs to wait for the concrete pad to cure.



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Kitchen design

May 15, 2011 2 comments
Ikea Abstrakt red kitchen design

Ikea Abstrakt red kitchen design

Yesterday we visited Ikea in Round Rock to look at the kitchen cabinets. Peter found it very boring, next time we’ll put in their creche. It was down to a choice between high gloss Abstrakt white or stainless steel Rubrik. Today I attempted to design a kitchen using the Ikea kitchen planner and discovered that doing a whole kitchen in Rubrik stainless steel isn’t really possible. The choices of modular parts are just too limited. There was a nice stainless steel demo at the Ikea in Round Rock but I now believe it’s impossible to make from standard Ikea modular parts without a lot of custom stainless steel work. So I did Abstrakt high gloss white but it looked pretty dull and boring. So I tried switching to Abstract high gloss red. I think it looks good.

The counter-tops are to be Caeserstone Quartz Nougat (white with chips in it). Obviously the counter-top is supposed to extend to connect the two bits sticking out the front of the island where the stools are, but you don’t seem to be able to have a counter-top without a counter underneath it in the Ikea kitchen designer tool.

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