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New Project Cam

March 30, 2013 6 comments

Lana wanted a site camera that is GSM connected. Apparently I was cheap for getting one that just stored to SD card. This one sends MMS photos with time and date, movement triggered.

Interestingly the old Cam had disappeared. The special little bungies and the solar panel were still there so it wasn’t stolen for the camera per se. I guess it was the previous contractor who wanted no record of the evidence.

This one is quite neat. It uses a T-Mobile PAYG SIM. You can set a limit on photos sent per day, but it still stores all on the SD Card inside it. A nice product which I purchased from Super Circuits on Mopac and Braker in Austin. The instructions left a little to be desired though (on mini CD only) and the PC-only setup software was a little flakey, but the camera itself is nice.

Oh and it is called Ltl Acorn so it must be good!


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I can’t believe they did that!

March 30, 2013 1 comment

In boxing in these wires, they also boxed in an old soft drink! I tried to retrieve it with large bits of wood used chopsticks style but it was too heavy. Yes it wasn’t even empty! What numpties! In the end I got Fred the foreman to take the drywall off to get it out. Having a half-empty soda in the wall would not have been nice. Close to all those electrics too!


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Insulation done

The insulation is in. It is open cell foam insulation, blown in soft and then it hardens. It provides a fairly good airtight seal. The conservatory wasn’t prefab like the rest so has the most foam insulation.


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Interior doors are here

March 12, 2013 1 comment

Interior doors are here

The interior doors are here. They’re natural birch veneer, solid core. We’ll just give them a clear stain coat to enhance the wood grain look.


The frames for the sliding bathroom pocket doors are in.


Meanwhile the site is now almost full of drywall. Almost all the large areas of the house have stacks like this.



Drywall arrived


Cranes come in handy sometimes!


About to start the interior fit out.

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