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Fridge in, landscaping started

October 26, 2013 Leave a comment

The fridge is in, no thanks to the contractor who made the space too small.


It backs onto the heat pump water heater which scavenges fridge waste heat.


The glass in the master shower is now properly supported, something the Lakeway City inspector didn’t like. I got the CRL hardware myself and Mike my handyman put it on, rather than getting the incompetents who left it like that back in.


Landscaping is in full swing. The City rules say no more than a 2ft drop hence the terracing on the driveway. Culvert under the driveway is nicely hidden by the rock bridge.


Lots of stone and dirt keeps arriving onto the driveway.



They cleared this area of rocks to use elsewhere in the landscape.



Good news, bad news

October 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Good news, the fridge is here. Bad news, it doesn’t fit in the hole it’s supposed to go in! It’s the model in the architect’s plans, so the kitchen wasn’t built correctly. Mike the carpenter will have to remove the drywall on one side to make the slot wider.


Legal action

We are now in legal proceedings with Shelter Design and Construction, run by Robert Zirkell, aka Bobby Zirkell, aka Ziricel, aka Zriri, aka Inkle, aka Irkle

Zirkell has retained Allensworth and Porter to represent him. We have Tony Ciccone

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