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Kitchen Ordered


Ikea has a sale on kitchens until the end of April so on Sunday we went to order the kitchen. The design has evolved a little since the original design I created. The color changed to high-gloss gray, but I added in a horizontal row of milky white glass wall cabinets which I plan to light from the inside.

The oven, cooktop and dishwasher are all coming from Ikea as well as the cabinets. The refrigerator has moved to the side in order to capture its waste heat for the heat pump water heater. Ikea currently has 20% off kitchens, including the appliances, so it was a nice saving. That doesn’t include installation as that service is provided by third party, and I am not sure about the countertops; the Ikea sales lady told me the sale did include countertops, but they’re also provided by a third party, and they’re currently not returning calls! Maybe they’re snowed under with the Ikea sale, or maybe they don’t want to honor the Ikea 20% off?

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