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GE GeoSpring Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater

September 19, 2011 2 comments

The house uses a GE GeoSpring heat pump water heater. This is a heat pump that pumps heat energy out of the air and into the water. I put it behind the fridge since the fridge is a heat pump that pumps heat out of the fridge contents and into the room. It’s also in the pantry, because the water heater takes heat energy out of the air so it cools its surroundings, thereby cooling the pantry. Here is how I described the layout to the architects:

Pantry Water Heater Layout idea

Pantry Water Heater Layout idea


And here is how the architect plans ended up:

Pantry architect plans

Pantry architect plans


There will need to be a louvre between the pantry/water heater room and the 1/2 bath (toilet) to ensure there is enough air for the heat pump to operate, which will also help air-condition the downstairs 1/2 bath which doesn’t otherwise have an A/C outlet. I always like getting a side-benefit for free!

The heater includes a backup electric heating element if it can’t get enough energy from the air (that’s where the ‘Hybrid’ comes in, marketing name, sound like a hybrid car which we all know is green and good). This thing also includes hooks for future smart-grid support, so it would be able to schedule itself for the cheapest ‘leccy (smart-grid is like dynamic Economy 7 where the grid tells you when the ‘leccy is cheapest). Of course we will not be using that feature initially as smart-grid is not happening just yet in Lakeway, we haven’t even got gas and mains drains yet!

We went to Lowes yesterday and it was on sale, reduced from $1399 to $999! I immediately bought one even though we are not yet ready for it to ensure I got the sale price – I always like to get a bargain 🙂 This thing qualifies for a 30% tax credit too (parts and labor) so it’s eventual cost is only going to be $700 (we can claim the sales tax back from the federal tax in Texas too). And it’s claimed to save around $320/year on your electric bill. Result!

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