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Additional landscaping

February 12, 2014 1 comment

The City said we need to ensure water doesn’t run onto the neighbor’s property. It always has done, since before we were here, since the lowest point is the ditch on his property. They said it runs on his driveway, but that’s because he built his driveway on a wet weather creek. I interpret this rule as meaning our water can’t run-off on his driveway, since the literal interpretation would mean all water must go down or evaporate since all other land is someone else’s land.

To ensure our water stays off his driveway we’re building our own rock-filled ditch around the neighbor’s ditch. So now the neighbor is unhappy saying that we’ve strayed onto his land! We don’t believe we have but we can’t find the metal pin that marks the boundary so Ian from ESC rented a metal detector to find it.

All to prevent water going on the neighbor’s land, which it always has and which he doesn’t care about. The new ditch he’s not so keen on though.




Meanwhile we’re taking down some dead and poorly trees.


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Fridge in, landscaping started

October 26, 2013 Leave a comment

The fridge is in, no thanks to the contractor who made the space too small.


It backs onto the heat pump water heater which scavenges fridge waste heat.


The glass in the master shower is now properly supported, something the Lakeway City inspector didn’t like. I got the CRL hardware myself and Mike my handyman put it on, rather than getting the incompetents who left it like that back in.


Landscaping is in full swing. The City rules say no more than a 2ft drop hence the terracing on the driveway. Culvert under the driveway is nicely hidden by the rock bridge.


Lots of stone and dirt keeps arriving onto the driveway.



They cleared this area of rocks to use elsewhere in the landscape.