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Odd jobs

January 19, 2014 1 comment

Yesterday I put the numbers on the house.


I also finally put these door handles on. No one seemed to want to do this ! I don’t know why, it wasn’t that hard.


I also refitted a door strike the painters took off and never replaced. And a coax and phone outlet that was not replaced.

I also fired up the heat pump hot water heater for the first time. At first I thought there was a problem as the trip switch was on but there was no power. But after getting a meter I was able to ascertain that the separate disconnect near the heater had power and then found the connector was not fully pushed home. Once pushed in hard it powered up.

By God it’s noisy! If I ‘d known it was that noisy I would have put it in the garage. Better yet, next door’s garage. It’s like having a truck engine in the pantry!


By the way, note the Ethernet jack bottom right for the Internet of Water Heaters and other Things. This can enable smart grid variable pricing etc but with Pedernales Electric we should just be thankful for a supply, they’re not exactly pro- green.