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Additional landscaping

The City said we need to ensure water doesn’t run onto the neighbor’s property. It always has done, since before we were here, since the lowest point is the ditch on his property. They said it runs on his driveway, but that’s because he built his driveway on a wet weather creek. I interpret this rule as meaning our water can’t run-off on his driveway, since the literal interpretation would mean all water must go down or evaporate since all other land is someone else’s land.

To ensure our water stays off his driveway we’re building our own rock-filled ditch around the neighbor’s ditch. So now the neighbor is unhappy saying that we’ve strayed onto his land! We don’t believe we have but we can’t find the metal pin that marks the boundary so Ian from ESC rented a metal detector to find it.

All to prevent water going on the neighbor’s land, which it always has and which he doesn’t care about. The new ditch he’s not so keen on though.




Meanwhile we’re taking down some dead and poorly trees.


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  1. February 12, 2014 at 12:44 pm

    And Ian has found the pin he was looking for and indeed the neighbor was talking out of his arse as expected.

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