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LCRA? WaterSense? No sense! Big cents!

The septic was connected up today and the LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority) inspector came. (LCRA regulates the water around Austin and Lake Travis). Surprisingly, he was happy with the septic, but not our lovely water-saving Toto wall-hung dual-flush toilets.

It seems LCRA has recently adopted a rule that says toilets should use no more than 1.3 gallons per flush (gpf). Federal regulations state no more than 1.6 gpf, but LCRA, quite reasonably, want to go further. US EPA WaterSense guidelines define a High Efficiency Toilet as being one that uses 1.3 gpf or less on average.

Ours is dual-flush, using 0.8 gpf for a number 1 and 1.6 gpf for a number 2. The manufacturer claims this equates to an average of 1.1 gpf or less. Seems reasonable, I do more number 1’s than number 2’s.


This website lists certified EPA WaterSense High-Efficiency Toilets. And guess what? Ours is on it.


California has brought in strict rules, including the 1.3 gpf average, but allow the dual-flush solution, so ours would be fine there, as it’s an average, not a maximum.


But it’s no good for LCRA. They have decided that since you can flush more than 1.3 gpf, these toilets don’t comply with their regulations. They have to come out and be replaced with 1.3 gpf single-flush units. LCRA can be proud to say they have the strictest and most bone-headed set of rules in the whole of the USA. Something they can truly be proud of.


One of our three Toto HET dual-flush 0.8 / 1.6 gpf USA EPA WaterSense certified, CalGreen approved toilets. Goodbye toilet you have to go, you’re too clever by half for LCRA.

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